Friday, January 22, 2010

So When Does Monzel Move to the Suburbs?

Chris Monzel gave his "I Hate the City" announcement speech on Wednesday making it official that he is running for Hamilton County Commissioner.

The highlights of the speech were:
  • Monzel calling himself a 'Son of the Suburbs.'  I guess 'Son of the South' was taken?
  • Monzel promised to not raise taxes, but has no plan to deal with the budget shortfall.  I wonder if he was facing a foreclosure at home, would he refuse to get a second job to pay off his mortgage payments because he made a pledge not to increase revenue? Not paying your bills must be worse than taking the hit and telling the kids what they can't have.  No health-care?  No food?  I'm sure he'd call for giving up milkshakes, which 'would' prevent a foreclosure in most families.
  • He held his press conference at an electric car company showroom.  I am guessing the Tea Baggers are going to put a hit out on him for doing that.
Expectations for the primary fight between Ghiz and Monzel are high.  The highest hope we could all have is that both Ghiz and Monzel quit council and appoint Amy Murray and George Zamary to council in their place.  If I'm going to have a Republican on council, I'd like them to want to be on council and care about the city.

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