Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does Smitherman Only Know How to Threaten People?

Is Chris Smitherman, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, only able to communicate via threat?

It sounds like the school board to a degree agreed with his position that not enough African-Americans were employed on the current school construction projects. So, Smitherman went into his bag of tricks and pulled out the only thing he has: shouting threats. Political retribution to a school board is akin to telling a volunteer staffer you are going to dock their pay for being late. That aside, Smitherman has no political power to use. In the last election he had little influence on City races, so what makes him think he can do anything for the school board?

The more telling questions not answered were alluded to in the article: How many non-whites are employed on the constructional projects? Did the projects reach the goal of 40% of workers from city residents?

Maybe if Smitherman asked more questions, instead of demanding answers to the wrong ones, he might be taken seriously and maybe even has his opinion considered.

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