Saturday, January 02, 2010

Plummer Fired From Police Department, Again

Cincinnati Police Officer Anthony Plummer has been fired from the force, again. Plummer was the officer who shocked the daughter of Councilman Cecil Thomas with a taser last summer. All reports of the incident reported that Plummer used excessive force in dealing with Celeste Thomas, who was on her knees when hit with the taser. There is no one out defending this officer's bad actions, but there will be at least one group who defend him.

Plummer is appealing his termination, as he did back in 2006 when he was fired the first time. This is the point where the Police Union must act. It is obvious Plummer does not belong on the police force. The FOP should convince Plummer not to return to the force. If the FOP lift a finger to help Plummer get back on the force, then they are complicit in his actions. The language from the internal police investigation was beyond damaging, it was a condemnation. The FOP must act to not only keep the citizens safer by getting this cop of the streets, they do themselves harm by defending him. How can any professional defend the improper actions of this terrible police officer? I know the argument they will make, they have to follow the rules of the union and defend him to the end, but when is enough, enough? All they are doing now is fighting for him to get money. He doesn't deserve a dime from anyone and it is theft if the city is forced to pay him anything and it is an injustice to the public if he gets his job back.

Plummer must go. If arbitration goes the wrong way, the only likely option would be some kind of buyout, which still sucks, but to keep a gun out of this guy's hands it may be worth the price.

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