Saturday, January 09, 2010

Let's Go Bengals!

In all likelihood, today is the Bengals' final home game of the 2009-2010 season (theoretically, the AFC Championship could be played here, but only if the Bengals beat the Jets and the Chargers and the Ravens beat the Patriots and the Colts).

Those of us who live in the southwestern corner of downtown have a unique experience when we watch Bengals' home games on television. (And since I don't have tickets, that's how I'll be watching.) To make sure we don't hear any bad words, games are, of course, broadcast with a delay of several seconds. For some reason, digital cable (to which I subscribe) is often a second or two behind its broadcast or analog cable counterparts. So people see plays on their TV about 7 to 12 seconds after they happen in real time.

Why does that matter? I live close enough to Paul Brown Stadium that I can hear the crowd. I can hear the crowd's intensity rise during and after a particularly positive play for the Bengals. And I can hear it, usually, a couple seconds before the ball is snapped on my TV. So as the team is at the line, if I hear the volume of the crowd suddenly pick up, I know the Bengals are about to have a big gain or a score.

I don't really have any game analysis for you (for that, check out one of the sports bloggers, like Lance McAlister). But I wanted to offer some sort of game-day post wishing the Bengals well.

And wouldn't it be cool if the AFC Championship game were here?

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