Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Public Service Announcement to the President

You can't remind the U.S. that the country is at War when Congress never declared war. There is no state of War. We are not on a War footing. This is not 1944. If Bush is going to throw around words like War and Freedom, I wish he would do it without trampling on the U.S. Constitution. I mean, Hell, if Bush is a literalist on the matters of the U.S. Constitution, as his love of Supreme Court Justice Scalia suggests, then he should be first to admit that his administration is claiming powers reserved for the President during a declared war. These powers have only been used in the time of actual war, which by the way, the last one ended over 60 years ago. If he wants to be FDR or Lincoln and ignore the Constitution in time of War, then he better get of his bum and ask Congress to declare one.

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