Saturday, September 30, 2006

Northern Main Exposure

20/20 kicked off last night and I spent a large portion of the evening hanging out in a very large RV parked on Main Street. It was a rather surreal experience, with Gothic Hula Dancers keeping me inside the RV with their sidewalk performance blocking the doorway. I passed the time chatting, marveling at the long sleeve monkey-face t-shirt I wanted to buy, watching TV, and listening to every Techno satellite radio channel available.

The consensus among those hanging out in RV put the night on par with a Northern Exposure Episode.

Watching the dancers do a routine which included a headhunter theme and something akin to light saber fight added a flair to the night.

20/20 is about the arts and the individual expression of ideas. You have 19 more days to experience it. Get out there and going.

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