Saturday, September 30, 2006

Live From Kaldi's......

As the arrogant bastard I am, I shall declare myself the official blogger of the Downtown Hop Around, seeing that I am right now sitting at Kaldi's with friends. Stay tuned for updates throughout the night.

UPDATE 6:30 PM: Ok, got a beer, going to order soon. The crowd is light, but the sun is still up.

UPDATE 7:40 PM: Dinner was good. A meatloaf sandwich might scare people off, but the horseradish sauce that comes on it really is freakin good.

We are playing Uno, or rather everyone else at my table is playing while I am watching/blogging/drinking.

The Uno game has expanded. I am feeling the coolness just ooze out of me!

UPDATE 9:22PM: Things have picked up a little bit, but the Uno game goes on!

I am not pleased about being here and having to pay for wifi. I thought lily pad worked here, but not tonight.

UPDATE 10:08 PM: We are now debating the strategic elements of the game of Uno. Hop Around is technically done, but we all may be hoping someplace else.

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