Friday, September 29, 2006

Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Let's first review:
From Plagiarism: "Using ideas, plots, text and other intellectual property developed by someone else while claiming it is your original work."

So what is bad for students is ok for Politicians. If I had bought a term paper from someone in a different high school, then turn it in, that is fine according to the Enquirer! Oh, wait, its, not ok to them. It's OK if their choice for Congress does it, but kids shouldn't do it. So, "do what I say, not what I do" should become Jean Schmidt's new campaign slogan?

Yes, this is bad. It shows Schmidt is lazy, lacks a thought of her own, has a badly run campaign, and sets a bad example for kids.

And finally, let's talk about skipping over the issues....Why did the Enquirer skip over the big issues of misleading the public over the War? Instead of running trite stories like covering dumb kids wearing scandals at a campaign rally, we might have learned about Bush's lies to the American public. Those lies continue to the this day, but the Enquirer doesn't care about lies. Well, unless you lie about a BJ. When Clinton comes to town on October 24th, you know you are going to hear about that. You will not hear about Chabot's negatives, they will be filtered out. Clinton will be headline news on October 25th's newspaper, mark my words. (Now, if I should be wrong, I'll gladly claim someone at the Enquirer was trying to spite me. LOL)

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