Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Welcome to Yugoslavia

In an effort to improve on a hodgepodge of left over plots of land, Columbia Township is trying to brand itself as "something." They should first off consolidate their gerrymander looking map and push the City of Cincinnati (or other contiguous municipalities)to annex the related parts of the entity. If you look at the map (pdf) of the township you have to just burst out laughing at the thought that anyone could think of this mess as anything but leftover space.

The Township leaders appear to be clueless:
"Mariemont has an identity and people know where it is," he said. "We'd like to be able to achieve that with our branding project."
In order for your people to know where something is, it has to be Somewhere! In one place. Not just that gap space where for some unknown reason no one wanted it part of their city 100 years ago.

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