Saturday, March 25, 2006

Great News for Fountain Square, Great for MPMF?

Bill Donabedian, co-founder of the Midpoint Music Festival, will run Fountain Square. It is a great for someone with the vision to help found a great event like Midpoint to focus his efforts on the new Fountain Square. Let help his leadership will open up the square to new ideas, not just appeasement programming for the 4th Street Money Men.

What does this do for Midpoint? Will Bill continue his involvement and pave the way for something different with the festival? Or will he have to leave Midpoint planning totally to others? I have no clue, but I see this as an opportunity for Midpoint to capitalize on a new Fountain Square. This year's Midpoint could have a signature presence on the Square and showcase the new improvements while attracting a vibrant audience to the City's center.

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  1. let me explain why you are uninformed. you assume the lost revenues from the garage are pure profit. parking revenues basically pay for labor and upkeep. in other words, it's a wash. so the transformation is over 90% private and will ultimately drive business and residents downtown. this will increase the tax base and increase the city's tax revenues. so the city will see a return on investment GREATER than if they did as they had in the past (and that would be nothing).


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