Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jay Love Quits the Buzz

Radio talk show host Jay Love has left WDBZ-AM for a staff fundraiser position with AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati (AVOC). I have not been able to listen to much of the Buzz over the last couple of years, but Jay was always and interesting host who knew how to rile up his listeners. I don't know anything about Nathan Ive, who is replacing Jay next week. WDBZ has been tame for a while. It was pushing the edge of facilitating racist groups by giving open mics to local nutty black separatists. When I hear them now, very rarely, they have moved back from the edge.

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  1. Bloggers are sad people. Armed with a computer living in a land where everyone can be the big man on campus.
    Seriously, do bloggers think they know everything?
    Oh, about the Buzz--if no one is listening, why are you talking about it?


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