Friday, March 03, 2006

Half of a Story

And now here’s half…of the story. The anti-abortion side gets their propaganda published for free in the newspaper. Where is the pro-choice side of the issue getting free ink space? This story has in it only references to Steve Chabot and women who testified against the right for women being allow to control their own bodies. What about congress members who support the rights granted under Roe v. Wade? Did they not appear at the committee meeting? Did they not question these witnesses? Can you at least get mention of who else has or will be testifying on the other side of the issue? Apparently we can’t have that.

Please know that what one of the women referenced in the article does is fill women's heads with anti-abortion propaganda, and is called hero by the newspaper for doing this. Being called "hero", as the second puff piece does, may be fine for the extreme right-wing conservative audience, but for those looking for truth, not propaganda, it leaves the taste of ”yellow human interest journalism." That would be soft touch yellow journalism that crusades in what one would call a subliminal manner.

Has the newspaper ever profiled a local Planned Parenthood staff member as a "hero"? I would guess no for two reasons: 1)bias and 2) the fact that most Planned Parenthood staff members are forced to live in fear from the darkside of the anti-abortion movement, and don't want to have the negative attention they would be hit with from the zealots.

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