Saturday, March 11, 2006

City Polls

WCPO and SurveyUSA have completed a poll this week referenced by the Enquirer. The overall results were:

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Mark Mallory is doing as Mayor?
  • Approve: 60%
  • Disapprove: 23%
  • Not Sure: 17%

Generally speaking, would you say things in Cincinnati are on the right track? Or the wrong track?
  • Right Track: 35%
  • Wrong Track: 59%
  • Not Sure: 6%

Would you agree or disagree with this statement: 'I feel safe in my neighborhood?'
  • Agree: 42%
  • Disagree: 53%
  • Not Sure: 4%
The internals referenced by Carl Weiser at the Enquirer Politics Blog are the most interesting. The internal not mentioned and likely not collect would be what neighborhood the responder lived in while say did they feel safe. Seeing how that skewed would also be an indicator in the other questions.

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