Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dale Mallory Sues West End council

Dale Mallory, brother of Mayor Mark Mallory, is sueing the West End Council over his removal as the West End Community Council President. Mallory's full press release reads:
Dale Mallory asks Court to Declare Alleged Impeachment Illegal

(Cincinnati, OH) Dale Mallory has asked the Hamilton County Court of Commons Pleas to invalidate his alleged impeachment as President of the West End Community Council (WECC). Mallory made the request by seeking an injunction and restraining order against Shirley Colbert the WECC Vice President who presided over the meeting where the alleged impeachment occurred.

“This process was illegal,” said Mallory, “those who conducted it did not follow the Constitution and By-Laws of the West End Community Council.”

In the Affidavit, which accompanied the request for the restraining order, Mallory says that Deputy Sheriffs physically blocked him from presiding at the February 21, 2006 meeting of the West End Community Council. According to Mallory, he was told that he was not the Community Council President even before the impeachment process, and that he had to sit in the audience and could not address those present at meeting. Most of the West End Community Council members who qualified to vote at the proceeding were denied that right by those conducting the meeting. Even Dale’s brother, Mayor Mark Mallory was not allowed to cast a vote.

“For the past several months the CityLink issue has received a lot of public attention,” said Mallory, “although I never publicly endorsed or supported this project, I have received threats and had an illegal impeachment process conducted against me because I wouldn’t publicly oppose it.”

Mallory also stated he was informed that prior to the illegal impeachment proceedings, Shirley Colbert, the Defendant in this case, and others opened a bank account without the authorization of the West End Community Council. Dues collected from alleged Community Council members were placed in the account. Mallory is also seeking a Temporary Restraining Order to preclude Colbert and others from accessing the West End Community Council’s bank accounts and appropriating funds.

Mallory says his 1st and 14th amendment rights were violated and he is asking the court to require that the WECC Executive Board and its members recognize him as the legal President of the organization.
I don't know if he has much of a case. Any lawyer wish to chime in?


  1. Dale's support of CityLink is a quid pro quo for the support of CityLink lawyer/dem. chair Tim Burke. Why else would he sell out his neighbors. His pissed off neighbors went to the wed. meeting to lobby against an endorsement for Dale. Dale lost his bid by 3 votes. His neighbors turned a few votes and got a small payback. They will now work full time to support Eve to beat the mallory Mafia.

  2. Lots has happened.
    Judge David Davis tossed Dale's suit.
    Dale's stated income was "empowerment zone consultant"
    Turns out that Dale was billing the EZ for his WECC work (WECC is a VOLUNTEER job)
    Dale's campaign manager Dan Phenice was also billing the EZ.
    Kathy Norris a CityLink activist was ALSO billing the EZ.
    All 3 were tossed from the EZ for "conflict of interest".
    CityLink, claims they didn't have government money, but these three were doing CityLink business on the government dole.
    Also city hall killer Howard Beatty was appointed to the EZ board by Dale.
    Then Dale's hired to secretly work on CityLink AND Queensgate voter registration.
    Guess what?......Queensgate voting spikes up by the few votes that was the margin of victory.
    EZ pays Dale for campaign work.
    AND pays his campaign manager.
    This STINKS!!! when will the print and TV media grab this story?????


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