Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Qualls is the New Vice Mayor

There was little choice for Mayor Mark but to name Roxanne Qualls as Vice Mayor. The big questions still out there, who will fill the rest of the committee chairs? Here is a list of the committees and the prior chairs:

Committee: Chair
Arts, Culture, Tourism and Marketing & Technology: Monzel
Economic Development: Bortz
Finance: Cole
Health, Environment and Education: Crowley
Law & Public Safety: Thomas
Rules and Government Operations: Berding
Transportation and Infrastructure: Qualls
Vibrant Neighborhood, Recreation, & Public Services: Qualls

Obvioulsy Crowley's chair at HEE is open, but will there be other changes? I think everyone except Laketa Cole would like to see someone other than Cole chair the Finance Committee. With her placing 9th in the race, she may have to settle for something else. I would like to also see Monzel removed from Arts & Culture. I don't see Chris liking much of anything on that committee, so his judgment is not going to help push arts, culture, tourism, or marketing. His only interest seems to be technology, which doesn't really fit with that committee anyway.

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