Monday, December 21, 2009

Buyer's Remorse for the FOP?

FOP President (at least for now) Kathy Harrell may be a little bit pissed at herself for supporting Charlie Winburn for Council. Charlie appears to be playing word games in his reported support of the latest budget deal. Winburn pledged to not support any budget that included fire or police layoffs. The the current deal on the table doesn't directly call for police or fire layoffs, but instead calls for 10 day furloughs with layoffs coming if unions don't agree, so I guess in the world of a slimy politician, that's keeping your word.

Harrell may not have agreed with Greg Harris, but he was a council member who was honest. There are no exchange policyies in council races. She claimed to have help defeat Harris and win it for Winburn. Well, caveat emptor, Kathy.

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