Friday, December 11, 2009

Monzel is Void of Honor

Once upon a time there lived a City Council Member who I in no way agree with politically, but who I respected and felt had a high level of integrity. That Council Member's name was Chris Monzel. At this point, Monzel has transformed himself into a political hack approaching Steve Chabot territory. Monzel lacks honor. I am saying he lacks honor because he's not crazy. He also is not stupid. He lacks honor because he is not being honest. In his press released issued today responding to a call for ideas on what to cut in the budget Monzel continued the campaign dogma.Therefore any budget that I will consider voting for will not, under any circumstances, include the laying off or dismissal of police officers or fire fighters (and related essential personnel) as well as severe cuts to the resources that these fine men & women need on a day to day basis to keep us safe.Monzel needs to stop pandering. The election is over. He is not going to win any more votes. He needs to start actually BEING a Council Member. That involves facing the facts that there is a 51 million dollar project budget shortfall. We can't cut all 51 million from non-public safety departments. We can not and more importantly, we SHOULD NOT! The CPD is bloated. The Enqurier article on CPD overtime is on big area that if address would provide meaningful cuts. But, not in Chris Monzel's eyes. The FOP is his Holy Grail and he will do what ever they want, no matter how low they stoop. No matter how many times they create false panic. No matter how many police slow downs they organize to punish citizens for daring to question their divinity.

I look at the other Four of the Gang of Five and I really hope they do not play Monzel's game. I'm pointing at Ghiz mostly, since she's been the worst, even though Berding has given her a run for the City's most prolific Grandstander. Since they seem to be playing a game of chicken with the Mayor, I expect the fireworks to erupt soon. It makes for good blog fodder, but as is obvious is makes for horrible governance.

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