Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brian Kelly Watch

Oklahoma's Bob Stoops says he has no interest in a Notre Dame job.

TCU's Gary Patterson just finished a contract renegotiation, which mean's he is staying put.

Brian Kelly? He simply won't address the rumors until after the Pitt game on Saturday. Not exactly the unequivocal statement of commitment UC fans would like to hear right about now.

Dear Notre Dame: Haven't you learned anything? You need a defense-oriented coach. Coach Kelly is great, but defense doesn't seem to be his strong suit. Leave him alone.

Dear UC Alumni Association: Shouldn't someone rent a plane to buzz the campus towing a sign saying, "Let's Keep Kelly" or some similarly catchy phrase?

Dear NCAA: Isn't it time you adopted an anti-tampering policy similar to the NFL's? What kind of joke do you turn into if one of your major bowl games (in particular, the Sugar Bowl) involves a team led by an interim head coach? Better yet, what if UC beats the Panthers (thereby vaulting TCU in the BCS standings), Texas loses to Nebraska (moving UC to #2 after Alabama loses in the SEC championship), and Notre Dame hires Coach Kelly before the bowl games? Do you want the national championship played by a team that just lost the coach who took it through an undefeated season? Just make teams wait until after a coach's job is done to hire a coach away. It works in the pros; it can work at the college level, too.

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