Sunday, December 13, 2009

Again, Less News is Bad News

The average television news viewer will not notice this type of change at WCPO and WXIX. That has to do with the average television news viewer being as interested in real news as they are interested in which type of Novocaine their dentist uses.

In a perfect world, I would wish this would allow Channel 9 and Channel 19 to devote more time an resources to actual news gathering, but no, it will not. News gathering (aka News Reporting, aka Journalism) is a dying profession. It is nearly dead in television, and is on life support in print.

More and more I am scared of that ability of the public will actually get reasonably unbiased and relevant information will be gone. Trust is the most important skill in journalism, and as talk radio and advocacy media are becoming the only way people hear about things, we as a society lose. I really wish people were not apathetic sheep, running toward the cheap mindless media traps being set all around.

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