Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triantafilou is a Gutless Wuss

The Enquirer's Political Blog has the original graphic used on the Hamilton County GOP Chairman's Blog post, where Triantaflilou pictured a bald cancer survivor (Sen. Arlen Spector) compared to Mike Myers as "Dr. Evil." Now the attack post on Sen. Arlen specter now has a graphic with a big read "Censored" on it. This change of graphic came after Triantafilou rightfully came under attack for making fun of Specter's hair loss after cancer treatment.

Stop misleading the public, Alex, YOU CENSORED YOURSELF. did not force you to do anything, unless they felt a copyright violation occurred with the use of the "Dr. Evil" picture which you likely used without permission. Pretending that someone else censored your blog is a joke, which is clearly your intent.

In all seriousness, how sad is it for a local political leader to be so petty as to make a childish post in the first place? This isn't an Ohio Senator, so the impact locally is non-existent. Instead of taking the time to post about national politics, why doesn't Triantafilou think about local politics? If he had the time to waste on this, no wonder the local GOP can only field 5 candidates for council and haven't put up a Republican for Mayor.

If this all the GOP political leaders can do, write blog posts, then I would suggest they are done in Hamilton County. This might be a good time for the local GOP to find someone else to run their party. If they don't, well, they can keep the egg on their face, and keep losing city and more County elections to Democrats.

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