Monday, April 06, 2009

New York Times Reports on Cincinnatian's Love Story

On Friday, the Fashion and Style section of the New York Times contained an article on the upcoming nuptials of Cincinnatian Laurence Meade. Why does the Times care about a wedding in the Midwest? Well, it's the logical result of a love story only possible in the twenty-first century. Here's the short version:

Ann Althouse is a professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School. But more importantly (at least for our tale), she's a blogger who boasts a significant readership. Mr. Meade began reading the blog and began flirting with Professor Althouse in the comments. Eventually, he asked her out (his first, failed attempt was through email, but his second, successful venture was a comment to a post). And the rest, as they say, is history. Professor Althouse has provided something of a roadmap to the Times's chronology. After a first date on Professor Althouse's home turf and a second date at a neutral site, Professor Althouse came to Cincinnati in February. (Peruse many of her posts from that visit here.) While she was here, she accepted Mr. Meade's proposal. My first thought was that the professor fell in love with Graeter's and Montgomery Inn, and that Mr. Meade was just a nice bonus prize, but the Times reports that the couple will reside in Madison.

It's a fun story, and one that makes me smile. I read Professor Althouse's blog frequently, but I have to admit I was fairly clueless about what was going on until other blogs reported it (and I was wondering what would bring her to Cincinnati when I read that she was having a meet-up, which I did not attend--I assumed that UC Law was having some symposium at which she was speaking). That's probably because I read her posts, but usually not the comments to them. Now I'm thinking of skipping the posts and only reading the comments.

And I certainly understand how the professor would finally be willing to relent and grant Mr. Meade a date. I, too, receive countless romantic overtures in the blog comments (this post in particular really cranked up the Love Machine), but I have Griff delete them as soon as they appear so as to maintain our commenters' privacy and dignity. Some day soon, though, I will probably tire of playing hard-to-get and accept one of my would-be-wooers' earnest advances.

Congratulations to Mr. Meade, and best wishes on his upcoming move to the Badger State.

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