Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thoughtful Discussion On Newsmakers This Morning

The video is not yet available, but Channel 12's Dan Hurley led a typically thoughtful discussion on this morning's Newsmakers.  The topic was the VOA, and what should be done with it in the wake of Anthony Kirkland's alleged crimes.  The guests were Margie Slagle of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center and City Councilmember Chris Monzel.

No one will accuse either Griff or me of being Monzel cheerleaders.  But I'll admit:  I was surprised by the thoughtfulness and candidness with which Monzel addressed the issue of how to deal with convicted sex offenders.  I didn't agree with everything Monzel had to say.  (When asked, for instance, where to move the VOA, his suggestion--Lebanon--is one that's clearly non-workable, as there will always be some need to house individuals trying to re-enter society somewhere in Hamilton County.  And he cited a fairly discredited study regarding recidivism rates for sex offenders.)  But Monzel acknowledged something that many politicians--Democrats or Republicans--won't:  treating all sex offenders the same is probably not good public policy.  I was surprised to hear that assertion from him; it's not the typical knee-jerk law-and-order response calculated to win votes.  And it's clear Monzel has given a lot of thought to the issue.

So check back at Channel 12's website for the video in the next couple days and watch it, once it appears.  And will someone from Channel 12 please tell me:  why can't Dan Hurley have a full 60 minutes?  There's no way to thoroughly explore the issues he raises in the fifteen-minute segments available to him (as long as he's not showing pictures of birds).  Certainly, at least during the eight months when the Bengals aren't playing, Hurley could be given the whole 11:00 hour.  Maybe it's time to start a "Sixty Minutes for Hurley" Facebook petition.....

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