Monday, April 20, 2009

Great American Tower Impact On Reds?

Last weekend, I watched the Reds beat the Pirates, 2-0, from a sun-soaked, right field seat. As the back of my neck burned, I couldn't help but notice the crane, which is installed for the Great American Tower construction, looming over the ballpark.

And I wondered: will the Great American Tower impact games at Great American Ballpark? Is it close enough to block wind from the north (keeping balls from carrying out to right on a day they otherwise might do so)? Or instead, will the wind move around the Tower and become stronger (some sort of wind tunnel effect) by the time it gets to the stadium? Or will the new building have no impact at all, apart from giving folks in the sun deck something to look at between innings?

And speaking of looking at the building, will all that glass create a glare/reflection during day games that could distract a right-fielder (or first- or second-baseman) trying to catch a pop fly?

Anyone have any answers? And how cool would it be to watch part of a game from the "tiara"? (That is, of course, once we come up with a more manly word for the top of Cincinnati's tallest building than the tiara....)

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