Sunday, April 19, 2009

DHL Express Going Back to CVG

Business is tough on communities. Wilmington, OH has been facing tough times, but Northern Kentucky is getting a boost. Almost 4 years ago DHL Express moved out of CVG in favor of Wilmington, a consolidation of DHL operations. Northern Kentucky knows how Wilmington feels. In today's world, businesses can and often have to move where they can make better profits. They don't have to look at the big picture of a community. It is a cold way of living, but in the end businesses are not people, they are owned and managed by people, but those people don't have to face living next door to anyone losing their ability to make a living.

I am glad 800 jobs are moving here. I feel bad for Wilmington. I would feel worse if those 800 jobs went out of the area. What communities, mainly small communities, have to deal with: don't be a one one horse town.

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