Saturday, May 10, 2008

Silence Is Golden

Long time readers have come to expect certain things from me. One of them is bashing Peter Bronson, something that is akin to playing chess with a corpse. The other thing I've got a reputation for is defending Cincinnati against city-haters, mostly Suburbanites scared of their own shadow, who haven't set foot in the city, outside of a Reds or Bengals game, in 20 years.

This week I've been silent while Sweeps weeks hype is put on television and attitudes of suburban city-haters is blasted on tri-state airwaves, pushing forward the most ignorant views on something I've heard in a long time.

Joy rains in Cincinnati, however, because the positive thinkers prevailed! 5chw4r7z had a great post showing a nice promotion video for the city that I think would be totally educational to everyone living in Warren County, not to mention most of the staff at WLW and WLWT.

The 'Nati Life hit back the hardest with this post.

Mayor Mallory found the simple underlying fact about the average suburbanite who is afraid of Downtown, they haven't been her in a long, long time.

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