Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ok, the CCV are Irrelevant, but....

We can learn about at least one councilman's views on evolution. I don't really care what Monzel thinks on social issues, as long as he doesn't make them into law. In the poorly written question he gives a bad answer. Chris is a good guy with just many, many bad and oppressive stances on social issues.

Is the CCV actually losing all of its influence in the city? In the questionnaire referenced in the The Bellwether Daily only two council candidates are listed on the as having responded to the survey. I mean, where is Charlie Winburn and Sam Malone's response? Sam Malone carried the CCV's water in their crusade to oppress gays and lesbians in the City. Sam can't be bothered with the CCV? Or does the CCV not want to associate itself with a guy who allegedly whipped his son with a belt. I think I can take away the allegedly part, but I am going to be on the safe side.

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