Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Much Ado?

Jason Haap is frothing at the mouth about something that one of his nutty candidate friends quickly saw in a document from the BOE. I wonder if what Michael Earl Patton saw was the canvass report from the BOE which listed the vote totals from each precinct. The total ballots cast listed there are 50,017. This is different than the total results which included the absentee ballots, which totaled 59,246. The difference in ballots cast are some 9,229. Is this difference Jason refers to when he stated:
It seems about 9,000 less votes were actually cast than originally reported.
The Canvass report did come out after the total results were listed, so it does fit. The Canvass report doesn't include absentee votes and the total number of votes cast in canvass document matches the number cast on the total document. Unless Jason has a different document, then he and Michael Earl Patton appear to have made a very foolish mistake. No, that would not be a surprise.

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