Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

I don't believe anyone predicted that all incumbents would keep their jobs. I am very surprised that Ghiz, Berding, and Monzel all stayed on council. Here are the results:

John Cranley 32,663
Roxanne Qualls 32,648
David C. Crowley 30,112
Cecil Thomas 26,206
Chris Bortz 25,677
Leslie Ghiz 24,163
Laketa Cole 23,853
Jeff Berding 22,906
Chris Monzel 22,712

Charlie Winburn 21,267
Minette Cooper 18,141
Sam Malone 16,767
Melanie Bates 14,863
Pat Fischer 14,570
Greg Harris 13,734
John Eby 13,684
Wendell Young 13,432
Brian Garry 12,710
Joan Kaup 8,184
Andre Harper 7,223
Justin Jeffre 7,065
Mitch Painter 4,944
Steve Pavelish 4,058
Michael Earl Patton 3,025
George Zamary 2,112

This election is one where analysis of which Wards/Precincts voted and who voted for which candidate is going to be looked at with intense research.

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