Monday, November 05, 2007

Council Predictions 2007 - Final Round

Ok, it is time for the final installment of council predictions. Today, I'm going to make a full prediction, including order of finish. Other than the top few, I have no real way to know who will get on, and the order of finish is nearly always a surprise. I'm making my guesses based most only my gut. I couldn't afford a crack staff of 25 analysts this year. Sorry about that, maybe next year for the big election. Anyway, here is what I say will happen:

John Cranley
Roxanne Qualls
David Crowley
Chris Bortz
Laketa Cole
Charlie Winburn
Chris Monzel
Cecil Thomas
Greg Harris
Leslie Ghiz
Jeff Berding
Minette Cooper
John Eby
Joan Kaup
Sam Malone
Melanie Bates
Pat Fischer
Wendell Young
Brian Garry
Andre Harper
Justin Jeffre
George Zamary
Mitch Painter
Michael Earl Patton
Steve Pavelish

Voter turnout will be the key factor this year, with the last few to get on council still up in the air. The two in the top that could really move are Cole and Winburn. Cole will unfortunately likely still win. She could drop like a rock to 7th or 8th place. Winburn could move up, depending on voter turnout and if he is keeping both the Conservative and Black votes he has had before.

I'll be doing more blogging tomorrow during the day. Keep me posted on any voting problems. This is another year where we have to have ID to vote. I just moved, and I have the electric bill as back-up ready to go!

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