Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Counting Irregularities

The most in your face story from last night was clearly the screw ups with counting the votes. First of all, does anyone wonder why a paper trail is absolutely critical to any voting system?

Secondly, why the hell did it really take this long? Who was unprepared? Were the poll workers not trained correctly? I would surmise that may have only been a small issue. It sounds like to me the real issue was how the counting programming was set up. It was a BOE problem. Someone needs to either get new a new system, or get someone who knows how to operate the system they have. This is not the first election in which they used this new voting system.

While they are at it, could the HC BOE get a new website? Could they put the results online in a form other than a pdf? Why can't they also give real time precinct detail? Also, why can't I find a listing of the Cincinnati precinct locations online? Hell, I'd take a map of the wards to know where they are? I was personally very displeased with the efforts of local election officials. Cincinnati will again be part of the Ohio swing state mess that certainly will fall upon us in 2008.

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