Monday, October 29, 2007

Prediction Monday #2

With media endorsements starting to come in: Enquirer, Downtowner, we can have round two of Prediction Monday. Here is how I see it:

Cranley, Qualls, Crowley

Almost locks:
No One

Likely on council:
Bortz, Harris, Winburn

In the running:
Berding, Ghiz, Monzel, Thomas

Long shots:
Kaup, Eby, Fischer

The rest of the field has no shot. The betting man's game will be on who will come in last. The bottom usually has the independents, so look for one of them to take the last sport, but this year there are several endorsed candidates who haven't done campaigning to get the votes. The "honor" of being last should garner some type of award. I may create one, just for such an achievement.

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