Saturday, October 06, 2007

FOP Endorses Man Who Beat His Kid

It is remarkable that the Police Union in Cincinnati is so blind they overlooked Sam Malone's arrest on domestic violence charges (he was acquitted). Malone's son testified in court that his father repeatedly whipped him with a belt.

The Cincinnati FOP has ignored the actions of Malone and endorsed him for City Council.

Never mind that they endorsed nearly all of the Republicans running, which is a given with an organization that has recently be a shill for the Republicans. How can the union representing the law enforcement agency for the City support a man who has never denied he hit his son with a belt. It is disgusting that the representatives of the local police force would let a man who uses violence as tool to control his son represent the City in any capacity, let alone at its highest level.

The sad part, this isn't a surprise.

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