Monday, October 08, 2007

Cincy YP PAC Endorsements

The endorsements are out and the list is very underwhelming. I agree with logic behind Harris, Qualls, and Bortz. Cranley's prior mocking of YP groups does nothing to demonstrate he cares about the efforts of YPs to help the City. Cranley is a YP himself, which makes it more troubling. Berding, Cole, and Fisher all I feel are not championing the 5 issues Cincy YP PAC lists as the most important.

Joan Kaup clearly is one I would say is on the side of YPs, I would be interested in knowing why she did not make the list. I might trough George Zamary into that camp as well, with him being a much better choice to reach out to the Republicans than Pat Fisher.

Bottom line, I was very disappointed in the picks. Politically, if you are trying to spread your eggs into many different baskets, that has some logic to it, but in the long run helping the candidates who are not squarely in your corner will comeback to bite you in butt.

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