Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cranley Care

CityBeat is reporting that Councilman John Cranley is teasing the electorate with a health care plan that would provide a means for low cost health insurance for City Residents.

The plan on the first glance lacks enough detail to determine if it is just way to expensive or if it more of a pea shooter firing on an artillery range.

One of the problems that comes to mind first is what will happen when an employer wants to pull out of the insurance plan or if they can't afford to pay their portion or they just go bankrupt. If having a job is a requirement for the insurance, then it can help the working poor and working class, but if they loose their job, it doesn't help fill in the gaps.

The fact that the plan will not be "officially" brought forth until after the election makes this a massive trial balloon. Cranley is not in danger of losing the election next month. If he has his eyes on running for Mayor in 2009, then this might be a way to build up an accomplishment before a future election that at this point has many viable candidates being mentioned as running.

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