Saturday, October 27, 2007

Enquirer Endorsements Are Out

The Enquirer has picked their Nine and there are some interesting picks and non-picks. The list:

Chris Bortz
Laketa Cole
John Cranley
David Crowley
John Eby
Leslie Ghiz
Greg Harris
Chris Monzel
Cecil Thomas

The Enquirer did something very honest when it comes to Cole. I would surmise they had picked her prior to the story about the "physical altercation with another woman" came out last night. They didn't revoke the endorsement, at least not yet, but in the article's paragraph she got 2 postive sentences, and then 4 sentences on the scandal, ending with a call for Cole to give a full explanation. I hope that if Cole doesn't hold a press conference with a reasonable explanation by the end of the day Monday, the Enquirer should step up and revoke the endorsement.

The main surprises to me was in who the Enquirer did not endorse: Qualls, Winburn, Berding, and Fischer. All fit the traditional pick of the Enquirer, being more of establishment candidates. Harris and Crowley are two that I am very, very pleased they endorsed, but it goes against type for the Conservative Enquirer to pick two Progressive candidates. I am glad they have a better mix than their 2005 endorsements, which was a very Conservative Slate.

The endorsements from the newspapers in the past have influenced certain voters, but in recent years that influence has wanned. In a year with more than 9 candidates who can make a case as qualified choices, will voters pay more attention to who the Enquirer, the Post, and CityBeat pick for council?

If I were to pick one candidate who may get on council because of this pick it is Greg Harris. Greg has been running a very strong campaign. He has been in the mix in most polls so far, giving him one of the lower half of the 9 slots. This kind of backing I think will solidify his hold on what the polls have been saying. He has reached a great position in the race with about 10 days to go. Some hard charging and as much media buys as possible and I think he gets on.

Ghiz may also back into a seat on council, but she will have to get the Westside Conservative vote. She has lost most of the moderate and progressive votes she had last time. Westside Conservatives read the Enquirer.

Who else is hurt or helped by the Enquirer?

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