Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stupid People and Bad Editing

I have two questions about the next to last Letter to the Editor. 1)Where are idiots getting the notion that by speaking out against the war, you are committing treason? Have they read the 1st Amendment? Has the author thought about the many ways an argument could be made claiming everything Bush says about Iraq is causing people to die?

2) Why is the Enquirer perpetuating this notion by printing this type of letter? This is not the first type letter calling Sen. Reid a traitor and calling for him to be tried for treason for speaking against the War in Iraq. Why doesn't the Enquirer investigate where this type of mentality comes from? It was common among idiots during Vietnam and other wars previously, but it is over 40 years since the antiwar movement came alive during Vietnam. Why not interview someone, hell try Fred Kirkhart of Lebanon, and find out why he thinks this way and where he got it from. Yes, I say where it got it from because people don't repeat a meme without having it served up to them. Was it a right wing website or talk radio? FOX News? That's a good local angle to a national story. What Enquirer assignment editor is not on the ball here?

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