Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nazis to March in OTR?

The Enquirer is reporting that a "white supremacist group of self-proclaimed Nazis" are allegedly planning to march in OTR.

It is beyond sad that scum like these idiots still exist. There are maybe 5 people who would show up and they would be faced with likely hundreds if not thousands people protesting.

The real fear to me is that there will be violence. A crowd of hundreds of peaceful but angry people, could turn into a mob who might turn protest into rage with damage to innocent people/property with no direction connection to the situation.

I was torn about posting this story. By posting it, I am giving these loner idiots more attention. If I ignore it, then I would criticized for ignoring racism. It's a lose-lose situation. I chose to post this story, with the hopes that I have sane non-Nazi readers. I know I am hoping for a lot.

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