Monday, April 30, 2007

Bands at Taste of Cincinnati?

I'll open up to rumor, speculation or facts that anyone has on who will be playing at Taste of Cincinnati this year. Based on their schedule, the Heartless Bastards will not be playing. On the other hand Wussy does list taste on their schedule, but with a TBA date and time. I believe there will be a bigger line-up this year of music with the move of the festival to 5th Street.

I really hope they keep at least one stage a local showcase. With the HBs on tour, it would be amazing to get the Greenhornes to play a set. They have no 2007 tour dates listed on their website, nor do the Raconteurs, which has 2/3rds of the Greenhornes in it. It is a long shot, but that is the kind of headliner the festival needs.

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