Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Endorsement Battle: The Next Day

The Enquirer has a recap of the Dem meeting which confirms my take from last night, but spins it. The news is the fact that there was a significant effort to oust Berding, something the Enquirer played as something that "fizzled." What the Enquirer misses is that the anti-Berding effort indicates that a large portion of the Democratic base is not going to be easily convinced to support Berding. He may not want or need that support, but he is not a lock to win re-election. In the end, Berding will have to abandon Democratic issues and move to the right, which likely will mean he will lose the endorsement fight next cycle.

UPDATE: For a better take on the meeting, check out CityBeat's blog. The best part is the exchange between Kevin Osborne and Berding:
Asked by CityBeat to comment after the meeting, Berding said, “Why? You’re just going to write whatever you want to write.” Pressed to clarify if that was a “no comment,” Berding replied, “That’s a ‘no comment’ to you, yes.”
He sounds like a cocky prick in that exchange. I guess he doesn't want Kevin's vote. A lesson to all politicians: Be nice to the press, no matter what.

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