Monday, April 09, 2007

Smitherman Is a Loon

First off, I hate Nazis. I also hate the KKK. I don't however believe that we, as a society, should think like they think and willfully allow a situation to occur where human beings are attacked, no matter how horrible individuals may be. Chris Smitherman, recently elected president of the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP, issued one of the stupidest letters (pdf) from a supposed community leader that I have ever read.

Chris Smitherman has demanded the Cincinnati Police Department offer no protection for the Nazi's march. Smitherman is clearly opening the door for a situation where human beings could be beaten or even killed on the streets of Cincinnati.

If Smitherman is going to run a chapter of an organization that has long been associated with non-violence, then I fear that here in Cincinnati we have the beginning of a sectarian struggle much like the one people in Baghdad are facing today.

If you can't rise above the level of your oppressors, then you are an oppressor.

The letter is signed by him alone, so I presume this was a solo effort on his part. Smitherman is off his rocker. How did anyone ever endorse this man for office?

Additinally, I find it odd that he managed to write a letter that mentioned Christians and Muslims, but when the topic of the letter is about a Nazi group Jewish people were not mentioned at all.

Finally, Damn Chris Smitherman for making me write this post. Why does he have to create a firestorm out of this. He could have issued a simple press release condemning the idiots and requested a few things. Instead he makes demands. He makes demands in a tone that sounds like as a terrorist, nearly as much as these Nazis.

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