Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Real Talk 1160 Makes 700WLW Look Good

In Conservative Talk radio Circles, at least in the lower rated ones, it appears to be just fine to be bigoted/racist against blacks and be an on-air host. WQRT 1160-AM has hired Eric Deters as an evening talk radio host, with future plans to move him to mornings, as a lead in for Dennis Miller. This is after Deters was fired by 700 WLW-AM for making a racist remark on a video posted to his Facebook page.

Somehow WLW did the right thing. As CityBeat noted today, however, why hasn't WLW fired radio host Bill Cunningham for saying the large number of extreme and offensive things he has said over the years?


  1. He hasn't been fired because free speech still matters. Just because a Leftist mob is offended by things they disagree with doesn't mean he should be taken off the air. You don't have to listen to Bill or Eric or anyone else on a radio station, and advertisers don't have to advertise on the station. Whether or not you or I agree with what these show hosts say is besides the point... free speech is for those we deem offensive and disagree with because I am sure we are just fine with everyone we agree with talking.

  2. Free speech deals with the government and making it a crime. The government isn't involved here. No one is calling for the government to get involved. The issue is speaking out against bigotry. If companies want to employ bigots, they must deal with the baggage that goes with, including all of the criticism.

    I think you are are also insulting leftists by referring to me as a leftist, but I'll let you ignorance pass for now.


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