Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ohio Rep. Robert Mecklenborg Charged With OVI

Green Township Republican State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated back in April in Indiana.

Here are the problems with this situation:

  1. This happened two months ago and we are just learning it now.
  2. Mecklenbor "allegedly" refused a Breathalyzer test.
  3. Mecklenborg stated he has "every presumption of innocence at this time."
If this guy was a Democratic elected official the police would have leaked the arrest and the Republicans would be calling for him to resign.  At this point, the GOP have been silent as far I can tell and the Indiana Police appeared to keep silent for nearly two months.

As a reminder, a U.S. Congressman was recently forced to resign for basically being a bad husband and a creep, but wasn't charged with a crime.  This guy is charged with a crime, but we have no wind storm of calls for him to resign for "allegedly" doing something, driving drunk, that could have killed someone.  I'll hope we hear from some GOP officials soon.

But..There could be more to this story.  I'm not going there, yet.

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  1. I find it curious that in the Enquirer article written by Carrie Whitaker that there is absolutely no mention of Mecklenborg having a passenger in his vehicle. They don't even need to speculate, but you'd think they would at least present all the facts.


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