Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Covedale Isn't a Seperate Neighborhood

I don't know what is wrong with being part of West Price Hill, but some residents wish to be recognised as a separate neighborhood called Covedale.  They've been denied that recognition by the City Manager.  Except for the ever variable property value game, I don't see any value in the distinction between West Price Hill and Covedale.  I don't know where the Covedale name stems from, but adding it for cosmetic reasons isn't worth the expense to the city.  Furthermore, the implications from a Community Council perspective is more troubling.


  1. Real estate companies often list Covedale as a separate neighborhood -- while calling Corryville, Fairview Heights, and University Heights "Clifton". Maddening

  2. I would do a litte research if I were you, Covedale isn't just a name that was pulled out of a hat. Furthermore, would you have a problem with Covedale becoming a seperate neighborhood if they didn't want a community council or NSP funding?

    A terser than terse history sorta explains some of it.

  4. Here the document that the Covedale Neigborhood Assoc. sumbited to Council which includes the history of Covedale :

  5. TheDeuceblog,

    No, I don't think I would be in favor of dividing up any of the existing neighborhoods for any official purpose. Having private groups that want to use the is their choice. I'm not one to agree with doing that personally, but if it is private, have at it.

    As a resident of OTR who lives in the area billed as the Gateway Quarter, I think our model is the better. We in the Quarter are part of OTR and love OTR. We don't seek to distance ourselves from OTR. Covedale I understand has more history than the Gateway Quarter, but I think our model is better frame of mind.

  6. This reminds me a lot of the debate that occurred when my neighborhood changed its name from Winton Place to Spring Grove Village. Regardless of what proponents said, it was primarily about the perception of crime and being mistaken for Winton Terrace, with news outlets regularly reporting that something which happened there having occurred in "Winton Place". No sooner had the name change happened, a shooting happened in the Terrace and the TV news reporter closed her story with, "...reporting from Spring Grove Village." So much for that.

    My dad grew up in what the maps showed as Covedale in the submission made by the Covedale association. In fact, I think he's picture in the youth basketball picture (scan wasn't very clear). But growing up, we never referred to Grandma living in Covedale, it was always "Price Hill," which my dad still uses. We were certainly aware of the Covedale name since the theater, library and school were called by that name. Growing up on the east side, we just jumbled everything into the Price Hill name. I just knew it was a long car ride (and with the other Grandma in Withamsville - find that on a map! - it made for grueling car rides from Deer Park to Price Hill to Withamsville on Christmas Day!

    Ironically WKRC is reporting a shooting in this area, but identify it as West Price Hill. At the same time, the Enquirer has a story online today about a Covedale man appearing on some national TV show. Go figure.


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