Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Possible Berding Replacements?

CityBeat's Kevin Osborne reports on interviews for Jeff Berding's replacement when he finally resigns from City Council. These interviews were reported to have taken place for the Cincinnati Business Committee with Berding and Chris Bortz. The three candidates interviewed were:

Brad Wenstrup
Kevin Flynn
Crystal Faulkner

All three are Republicans, with Flynn locally endorsed by the Charter Party.

Yes, you read the first name correctly, Brad Wenstrup. Wenstrup is the former mayoral candidates who thinks Iraq is safer than OTR.  If Berding picks him and Bortz accepts it and actually appoints Wenstrup, I don't think either would win another election in the City, let alone find allies anywhere outside the suburban Republican Party.

I don't know of Faulkner at all, but as a radio host on WNKU, I hope she's not an anti-Public Broadcasting Republican, yet she probably voted for some or held fund raisers for them.

Fynn is the only viable candidate of the three, so I am guessing this was just going through the motions for the big money donor base. Give them a more conservative anti-city Republican, like Wenstrup, and an insiderish newcomer like Faulkner for comparison, and that makes the pro-city Republican/Charterite Flynn look good.

The question now: When is Jeff Berding actually going to resign?


  1. Faulkner has campaigned for Heimlich & thus has COA T connections. Dunno if she is any kind of card carrying member. She's been active with the lokel GOP for awhile.
    I guess withdrawing endorsements has consequences.

  2. Where do Faulkner & Dr McFooty stand on the Streetcar?

  3. I've yet to see any conclusive evidence of Kevin Flynn being a Republican. He's incredibly anti-abortion, but I haven't seen anything, other than unverified secondary sources, that he's a member of the Republican Party.


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