Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perceived Gay Couple Denied Admission to Creation 'Museum'

Read up on the two men denied entrance to the Creation 'Museum' for a Date Night event because security guards believed they were Gay. This is an event that they had spent $71 each for tickets and didn't get a refund.

The Creation 'Museum' is the same organization that is seeking state tax-breaks for building a Biblical theme park. I am thinking there is clear problem with discrimination and as you might guess, non-Christians (Gay-Christians I would surmise as well) are not welcome to visit this establishment.  The Commonwealth of Kentucky should not be in the business of helping religious and Gay bigotry prosper.

Don't tell the Kentucky Enquirer this happened, they might have to improve their embarrassing coverage of the farce that is the Creation 'Museum.'


  1. More hypocritical so-called "christians". Who would Jesus hate?

    The Barefoot and Progressive blog has been giving some of he best coverage of the Ignorance Museum to be found anywhere (you won't find anything but fawning articles tat are little better than advertisements at the Enquirer):

    Ditto for famed non-believer PZ Myers, who loves to taunt the Ignorance Museum's Ken Ham, with hilarious results:

    In all fairness, the Lexington Herald has been giving some great coverage of the Ignorance Museum of late, much to the consternation of the fundies.

  2. Dear Democrats,

    39% of gay voters went with Republicans in 2010, and 31% in 2008. I guess you can be gay and racist, after all.

    So, how 'bout making some noise that a 501c3 can't discriminate based on sexuality in hiring and admission practices? After all, a tax exemption is exactly the same thing as a direct cash subsidy through a matching grant.

    It might not get through (hello, Catholic Church tax exemption!) but at least you could make it clear that the GOP (and most churches) hate GLBT citizens and think that they deserve fewer rights than everybody else.

    Alternatively, you could go with plan B, which is to pursue the bigot vote. That'll go well on Obama's coattails.

  3. Stop expecting equality from Christian establishments...and (y)our tax dollars have been applied to all sorts of religious crap since the start of the country. If you want change it's spelled in a new way now: Egypt.


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