Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enquirer New Website Design Is Launched

You can check out the new design of the Cincinnati Enquirer's website by going to many different websites: specifically, but when you do, the term "Enquirer" will be something you don't see much. It is there, but is on the same footing at the Community Press. The old site still works, but goes to a less graphic sub category of "News".  This isn't a new development, as the old site did something similar, but the main page of "News" on the previous design had more of a front page of the Enquirer feel.  The only front page I see is itself (or for a Kentucky focus).  It is moving a little slow, at least I feel it is, and some of the links don't seem to respond, but they'll work that out.

For help on using the new website, has provided a FAQ.

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