Tuesday, February 01, 2011

P.G. Sittenfeld Leads Council Race In Fundraising

I'm stunned by the fund raising skills of Council Candidate P.G. Sittenfeld who has already raised over $100,000 as of December 31st of last year. He has over nine more months to go and has more money than most candidates will raise for the whole cycle.

Money can't buy a win in November, but it can take a well run campaign with no name recognition into a winning campaign with a large TV-Radio Ad campaign. I don't know if Sittenfeld is vying for any political party endorsements, but the ability to raise money is one of the factors that will give credibility to a campaign within political circles. Sittenfield's problem now, is that he will be expected to keep raising money at a high rate. Having money tends to bring more contributors, but you have to be able make a sell that he can win.

The details on how important his money will be comes with the list of his contributors. If this is mostly family, then it will be difficult for him to keep the fundraising up at this level. If he has branched out to a wider circle of friends or colleagues, he'll be better positioned.

Chris Seelback and Jason Riveiro did well, for this point in the race, and have a better chance to show improvement, if they can connect with more support and turn that into contributions.


  1. That Sittenfeld dude sure doesn't write like he's got a master's.

  2. His dad's name was familiar,Googled him. Paul Sittenfeld is wealthy, influential, Princeton grad, and works in a wealth management firm, Baird and associates. He's on the Board for XU, has served on boards of St.X HS, Seven Hills School, HUC, and is Trustee for Hamilton County Public Libraries. That's some major bucks and networks to tap for his son P.G.


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