Monday, May 24, 2010

Support for Street Car Has Increased Since 2009

The Mayor's Office issued an interesting press release last night, where they point out that the Enquirer commissioned poll has one overlooked result: support for the Streetcar has risen since the last time a poll on the streetcar was completed. The details from the press release:
Truth about the Enquirer Poll: Streetcar Gains Popularity
Streetcar is more popular today than it was a year ago

“The successful streetcar projects in cities around the country were met with public opposition before construction, and once they were built, neighborhoods fought to get the streetcar line to come to their area,” Mayor Mark Mallory said. “We were told to expect this. However, the fact remains that the Streetcar project is going to be of financial benefit to Cincinnati.”

Quick facts about poll in the Cincinnati Enquirer today:
Streetcar popularity:
  • 44% of poll respondents are in favor of building the Cincinnati Streetcar.
  • “24% say the streetcar would "revitalize Cincinnati's core;" 20% say it is a "risky project," but should still be built in order to help improve the city.” From Cincinnati Enquirer Politics Blog. 
  • 48% oppose building the Streetcar.
  • 7% remain undecided.

Some things to think about:
  • A similar poll was conducted in April 2009 in advance of the Issue 9 campaign.
    In that poll, 59% were opposed to moving ahead with the Streetcar and 38% were in favor of moving forward.
  • In today’s Enquirer poll, those opposed have dropped by 11% from 59% to 48%, and those in favor have increased by 6% from 38% to 44%.
  • That is a 17% change since last year.
  • Today’s poll shows that the Streetcar is much more popular today than it was a year ago and is in fact gaining momentum.
  • 44% is a tremendously high level of support for a project that is not even fully funded yet (the City is awaiting word of significant federal grants).
Please refer to the actual crosstabs located at the Cincinnati Enquirer Politics Blog
This does not mean the poll is not flawed. I would like to know the zip code breakdown of those polled. It also of course doesn't account for the Cell Phone problem, but even taking both of those of those flaws, not everything is bad.

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