Thursday, May 13, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away!!!

Kevin Osborne reports that Chris Seelbach will seek a place on City Council in 2011. (Other links: campaign website; KRM; logo design contest.)

From everything I know about and have heard about Chris, I strongly suspect he'll be one of the candidates I support next year. That's not to say I agree with him about everything: while I think he has excellent ideas regarding zoning reform, I'm concerned that he undervalues the role of the police in public safety.

Having said that, though, my immediate reaction was not "What can I do to help Seelbach win in 2011?" Instead it is: Really? We now have an eighteen-month campaign cycle for City Council? I can't handle this!

We already bemoan the nearly perpetual campaign cycle for offices like the President of the United States. Do we really want that for local elections, too? Doesn't there have to be time to govern?

Of course, the thought also crosses my mind that Seelbach is trying to position himself for the seat Laketa Cole will soon vacate....

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