Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Drop Inn Center, Take the Deal

The Cincinnati Business Courier reported last week that 3CDC has sent a letter to the Board of the Drop Inn Center with an offer to move facility. Full details were not released, but the article reports that it includes 3CDC managing the the move process and helping to get funding for the relocation and ongoing operations.

If the Drop Inn Center does not take this deal, they are fools. When the SCPA opens, the pressure will mount beyond control. Legal action may follow soon after. The problem for the Drop Inn Center rests on two fronts. First they have to deal with sex offenders living at the DIC, which likely would violate the law when the SCPA opens less than a block away.

Second, the DIC would face far more pressure to deal with what happens outside its doors. That would be the congregation of people in the park and on 12th Street using/selling drugs during the day, some then going into the DIC for the night, the rest going else where because the DIC won't take them. This second part is the problem the DIC has refused to deal with since I can remember, they attract criminals. Sure they claim they are not the problem and they do their best to keep it outside the center. That is the problem, if it is outside the center, they do nothing to stop it. If they cops did a sweep of those loitering outside the DIC on 12th Street or in Washington Park, we would hear the DIC and other homeless activist howl in protest.

The DIC has a deal in hand. They can hem and haw and act like peacocks all they want to save face within activist community, but they really need to take the deal. Further more they can't waste much time about it. The school year starts in August.

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